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  • “So, while the lobby of the cancer center is probably one of the most depressing places on the planet, it’s also one that gives me an odd sense of comfort.”

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CBS 60 Minutes Interviews

Anderson Cooper Interviews Iconic Photographer to Rock Stars.


Traits of Pisces (me)

Emotional PISCES:
Pisces’ ruler, Neptune, planet of inspiration and compassion, influences your emotions with profound sensitivity and empathy. A spiritual connection and a practice of meditative silence that allows you to access your dreams and imagination will keep your emotions in check. And a balance between escapism and reality is what helps you to be affective in the world. A Sanctuary, a place you feel safe in, is key to your happiness. You have an innocence about you—highly sensitive and feel as well as show your emotional state easily. For this reason, you need to be selective of the people you allow in to share your life, especially as you have a tendency to care too much and can easily pick up, and take on, other peoples’ attitudes and emotions. As a dual sign, the symbol of the two fishes, the key to emotional stability is to ensure you have a balance between the analytical (mind) and follow your instincts (heart)—follow this rule and you will feel more at peace within yourself.

The Lily’s 2018 gift guide: 52 items made and curated by women – The Lily

Looking for a unique gifts made by women this holiday season?
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Today’s Shine | April 20th, 2018

*Doesn’t nail a drawing in 1st grade* *Assumes not creative* But you *are* creative. In honor of World Creativity & Innovation Day tomorrow, own your flair:
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